Game Blast 16 – 24 Hour Marathon

Hi everyone,

From February 27th to 28th, we will be taking part in a sponsored 24 hour gaming marathon for a charity event called Game Blast 16 and we need your help!


Game Blast 16 is a weekend of sponsored gaming marathons, raising money for the charity Special Effect, who develop specialist equipment to enable disabled children and young people to play games again with their friends and families.


You can find out more about Special Effect and  Game Blast here:

Visit the Special Effect website

Last year, we raised £85 so we are hoping to raise at least £100 this year!

If you would like to support us, please follow this link to our donation page:

Visit our donation page 

We will start a live stream of the marathon on Twitch at 10AM on Feb 27th and we will be playing games from various franchises, such as Fallout, Lego, Metal Gear and Star Wars.
If you would like to watch the live stream of our marathon on Twitch, please save the following link:

Visit our Twitch channel

I hope you can check it out and watch the fun unfold!

All the best,

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