What is Eathania Entertainment?

Eathania Entertainment are an independent games development team based in the UK, with some big ideas for the future.

We were originally founded in 2012, as a group of freelance students under the name Eathanian Creations.

Since then, we have graduated and the team has grown, devoting more of our time and effort to our team projects and being reborn as Eathania Entertainment.


Who are the team members and what do they do?

Our team consists of Giverny Wilson-Martin, as lead designer and 2d artist; Mat Brereton, as 3d artist; and our level designers and programmers, Scott Whitehurst and Daniel Jefferies.

All of us also share general design duties, such as narrative and audio. You may view detailed profiles of each team member on The Team page.


What does Eathania Entertainment aim to do?

At Eathania Entertainment, we live by the motto in the banner of this site: ‘Giving life to imagination.’

We aim to bring life to our designs, and those of others, through the artistic services we offer and the games we intend to create.

We also wish to support others in following their own dreams,which is why we intend to share our profits with charities and to hold events to support such causes.


What are your current projects?

You may view a full list of our projects and the tools used to create them on the Projects page. Our largest project is the Blade of Eathania series,  a fantasy RPG which we aim to create in both 2d and 3d. Currently, our main project is Sanctuary, a children’s action/adventure game about discovery and teamwork. We are also working on smaller projects such as visual novels and even have plans for a card game.


So…what does Eathania mean?

Eathania is a conceptual world created by our lead designer as something of an idealistic parody of our own. This world is where many of our games take place and takes inspiration from the British countryside that we grew up in, as well as the many people and places that have influenced us in our lives.

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