The Team

Giverny Wilson-Martin

Image of Giverny

Role: Lead Designer.

Responsibilities: Administration, 2D art, 3D art, narrative and audio.

Favourite Game(s): Ocarina of Time, Dragon Age and To The Moon.

Favourite Genre(s): RPG.

Likes: Literature, dragons and cheese.

Dislikes: Spiders and vegetables.

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Mathew Brereton

Image of Mat

Role: 3D Artist.

Responsibilities: 3D modelling and textures.

Favourite Game(s): Pokemon Gold and Dead Rising.

Favourite Genre(s): RPG.

Likes: Literature and Earl Grey tea.

Dislikes: Awkward silence, coffee and cake.

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Scott Whitehurst


Image of Scott

Role: Lead Level Designer.

Responsibilities: Level design, programming and business plan.

Favourite Game(s): Metal Gear Solid.

Favourite Genre(s): Action/adventure.

Likes: Literature, armadillos and pineapple.

Dislikes: Spiders and coconut.

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Daniel Jefferies


Image of Dan

Role: Lead Programmer.

Responsibilities: Programming, level design and finances.

Favourite Game(s): Klonoa 2.

Favourite Genre(s): RPG.

Likes: Literature, penguins and K-pop.

Dislikes: Pointless arguments.

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Michael Wild

Image of Michael

Role: Audio Designer.

Responsibilities: Music and sound effects.

Favourite Game(s): Champions of Norrath and Pokemon.

Favourite Genre(s): RPG.

Likes: Guitars, travelling and architecture.

Dislikes: Wasps and bitter food.

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Liam Stevenson

Avatar for Liam

Role: Level Designer

Responsibilities: Level design.

Favourite Game(s): Megaman II, Timesplitters 2, Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill 2.

Favourite Genre(s): All of them.

Likes: Literature, films, 80’s music, Lego.

Dislikes: Spicy food, smoking, unnecessary sequels.

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Robert McLoughlin

Role: 2D Artist.

Responsibilities: 2D art and animation.

Favourite Game(s): Resident Evil 2, Deadly Premonition and State of Decay.

Favourite Genre(s): Survival horror, RPG, shooter.


Jack Simpson

Role: 3D Artist.

Responsibilities: 3D modelling and textures.

Favourite Game(s): Fable, Dragon Quest and Elder Scrolls.

Favourite Genre: Fantasy, RPG.

Likes: Drawing and reading fantasy novels.

Dislikes: Giving presentations.

View his Online Portfolio


Katie Amos

Role: 3D Artist.

Responsibilities: 3D modelling, textures and 2D concept art.

Favourite Game(s): Archeage, Skyrim and Portal 2.

Favourite Genre: RPG, Sandbox, Top down.

Likes: Dubstep and rice.

Dislikes: Beetles and sweetcorn.

View her Online Portfolio


We also have other non-permanent members helping us out. A special thanks goes to Elliot Darlington, who is temporarily volunteering his time as a Programmer.

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