As a team, we not only donate to charities directly but we regularly support other developers and donate to charities through pay-what-you-want sites such as Humble Bundle and StackSocial.

Upcoming Fundraisers:

We will be taking part in Game Blast 17, doing a sponsored 24 hour gaming marathon from Feb 24th-25th.
We will stream the marathon on our Twitch channel so keep an eye out for updates!

Past Contributions:


  • We raised over £500 for the charity, SpecialEffect, through GameBlast17!


  • Our lead designer joined the Games On Song choir and took part in a Christmas Charity Concert. Together, we raised over £10,000 for Games Aid!
  • We took part in GameBlast15 with a 24 hour gaming marathon, raising £85 for Special Effect.
  • We took part in StayIn4GamesAid, where participants stay in and play games then contribute what they would have spent on a night out to charity, and donated £30.


  • We bought the festive Games for Good single, supporting the Games Aid charity. Buy your own copy for £1.29 on iTunes. Go to iTunes.
  • We donated $50 to Games Against Ebola, a 96 hour games jam designed to raise money for the charity Direct Relief and help fight the Ebola crisis.
  • We also voted for Special Effect as our chosen charity to receive the money raised by GamesAid in 2014. Special Effect were then selected as one of seven charities to receive £62, 571!

In the near future, we aim to start hosting our own fundraising events, where the proceeds will go directly to the charities that we sponsor.

You can view some of the charities that we currently sponsor below. Please click an image to visit their websites.

Image of Games Aid logo

Image of Special Effect logo

Please check back here soon for more information on upcoming events.

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