Global Game Jam

We loved taking part in last year’s Global Game Jam and will be taking part again this year from January 20th-22nd.

You can see the details of our past jams below.


In 2016, the Eathanians were split across two teams, Warriors Of Light and Nicktendo Eathania Squirrel, and the theme was ‘Ritual’.

Nicktendo Eathania Squirrel made a 2D platformer game called Spirited.

You can watch the blooper reel and gameplay demonstration video for Spirited on YouTube.

Watch the Spirited demo on YouTube

You can find out more and download the game from our Global Game Jam page.

Visit our Global Game Jam 16 page


In January 2015, we attended our first Global Game Jam as the team, Eathanians+1.

If you want to see what we made, please feel free to a take a look at the YouTube videos below, visit our Global Games Jam page or listen to the soundtrack on Soundcloud.

Gameplay Preview (WIP)

Visual Assets Showreel (WIP)

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