Introducing ‘Admission’

Good evening followers,

After 48 hours, 2 takeaways and barely any sleep, we made it through our first Global Game Jam!

The theme was “What do we do now?” and we decided to make a point and click in a visual novel style.

The game is called ‘Admission’ and sees the player waking up alone in a hospital, wondering why they are there and, of course, what should they do now?

Feel free to a look at what we managed to achieve in our first jam by following the links below:

Visit our Global Games Jam page

Listen to the soundreel on Soundcloud

I’d like to personally thank my team and our talented guest, Tiffany Berenguer, for all their hard work.

The proud founder.

Dawn of the third day…

Good morning all,

It is the final day of Global Games Jam 2015 and the deadline of 3PM is looming ever closer.

The end is nigh and we have been working our little cotton socks off on our project, Admission.

Admission is a point and click game with a visual novel feel, where the player finds themselves alone in a hospital room with no idea of why they are there.

We can’t say much more yet but we will be revealing the fruits of our labour very soon!

See you on the other side,

The founder.