Global Game Jam 16: Spirited

Hello followers,

We’re back from Global Game Jam and we had a great time together!


The Eathanians were split across two teams this year, the Warriors Of Light and Nicktendo Eathania Squirrel. (Don’t ask…)

This year, the theme given was ‘Ritual’.

Nicktendo Eathania Squirrel made a 2D platformer called ‘Spirited’, in which you play as a Native American boy named Coda. Coda uses the power of totems to transform into spirit animals.


You can watch ourĀ  demonstration video of Spirited, including blooper reel and gameplay, on YouTube.

Watch the video of Spirited on YouTube


If you want to play Spirited yourself, then you can find out more information and download the game from our GGJ16 page.

Visit our Global Game Jam page

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!