English Vocaloid Concert, VOCAMERICA, on Kickstarter

Dear followers,

We have an unusual favour to ask of you all today…

If you read our previous post, you will know that our lead designer is also an amateur Vocaloid producer. What you may not know is that her favourite Vocaloid producer, EmpathP (aka. Aki Glancy) is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for an English Vocaloid Concert, VOCAMERICA.

If you are interested in Vocaloids or just music in general, please consider supporting this campaign. You can check it out through the link below.

Visit the VOCAMERICA Kickstarter page


All the best,


(Lead Designer)



New Projects: Web browser game and Vocaloid music

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

A few of our members have been busy with their final year studies at university and moving home etc. so things have admittedly been a bit quiet around here.

However, there are a couple of new projects which have come up while we’ve been offline which we would like to tell you about now.

First off, an IT Consultancy company have approached us to ask for a web-browser game for their website. For this task, our team have split up so that one sub-team can work on the new project and the rest can focus on our ongoing game project, Sanctuary.

Secondly, we are pleased to announce that our lead designer has also begun work on a music project, composing music with the use of Fruity Loops and voice synthesis software called Vocaloid Editor 4.

To find out more about this project, please visit our new Vocaloid page linked below:

Visit our Vocaloid page

I’m afraid we can’t tell you much more about the game project for the IT Consultancy company until the game is complete but we will update you on both projects as much as we can.

I hope to update you all again soon,


(Lead Designer)