GameBlast16: Our Marathon Starts Tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

Our 24 hour marathon for GameBlast16 starts tomorrow at 10am!

There’s still time to donate so, if you would like to support us and SpecialEffect, please follow the link below:

Visit our GameBlast16 page

And don’t forget that we will be doing a live stream of the marathon on Twitch.

We will also upload videos of highlights, including our forfeits, to our YouTube channel.

If you would like to watch the stream, please follow this link to our Twitch channel:

Visit our Twitch channel

If you can’t make the stream or just want to watch our forfeits when they get uploaded, please follow this link to our Youtube channel:

Visit our YouTube channel

Thank you all for your support and we hope you can join us for the stream!

All the best,
(Lead Designer)

But wait! There’s more…

Hello followers,

Rather than spam you with each video as it came out we decided one final post would do it…

So here they are! Watch them all and more on our YouTube channel

Soul Calibur IV – Technical Difficulties

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Welcome to die!

Project Diva F 2nd – Mikudayo?!



(Lead Designer/Founder)